S.E.A. (Subtle Energy Alternatives) unequivocally supports the Total Health Equation.

1) The Physical Body, which includes vitamins, exercise, diet herbs, and any substance or treatment that addresses only the physical.

2) The Mind or mental aspect involves removing our less- than- perfect thinking that contributes to physical pathology.

3) The Spiritual is the subtle energy counterpart that sustains the physical.

Subtle Energy Formulae are designed to address only the energetic aspect of one's physical body. Of course, the rapidity of results depends upon the individual and the multi-faceted reason for the condition(s) to exist in the first place.

SE formulae are not homeopathic nor are they based on Royal Rife's MOR's (mortal oscillating rates). They do not address one's immune system. They are based upon the fact that we exist in a sea of multi-dimensional energies that have a profound effect upon our physical bodies. The formulae work by providing the subtle energy field with certain beneficial subtle energies while protecting it from others. Health professionals that work with subtle energy therapeutics consistently find their protocols to be more effective and longer lasting.

Remember, all Subtle Energy Formulae are completely safe. There are absolutely no side effects for anyone at any age. S.E.F.are free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and preservatives. S.E.F. come in convenient 2 oz. spray bottles allowing you to take them anywhere.

Disclaimer! Please Read!! These "testimonials" or product(s) should not be construed as a diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention for any disease or physical malady. Be advised that neither this product(s) or statement(s) have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

People ask me about formulae I use and this is a list of the most important ones IMHO. These are suggested from my personal experience and knowledge of using subtle energy formulae.  There are suggested regarding results, and although achieved at different intervals with other individuals, the reports have been universally the same. 

Please do not mistake my opinion as a health related report.  Always check with your health care provider if you have health issues.  I am not a health care provider nor claim the formulae have a result beyond the subtle energy level.  If you are under a health providers care, please report any changes.     

It is my belief and personal opinion the subtle energy anatomy is the origin of all physical result.  The subtle energy formulae address only the subtle energy anatomy.  This page will be updated with combinations daily.  So look back whenever you can.

Suggested Formulae:

Life Force and SNERF: Daily Multi-vitamin for the subtle energy anatomy is Life Force.  LF corrects the multi-layered frequencies.  Within this anatomy are hundreds of layers of subtle energy frequencies in each cell. There are hundreds and hundreds of frequencies within (and around) each of these layers.  Life Force addresses all of them.  And the need to address the energy anatomy requires these main formulae to be used. Eventually, they will be used once a day as a multi vitamin is taken.  

Subtle Negative Energy Remedy (SNERF) used in conjunction with Life Force helps maintain the corrections.  It is believed negative energy creates the foundation of change within the energy anatomy that leads to the physical result. 

Negative energy may be from stress in our way of thinking or feeling?  We all know how harmful loosing a loved one can be to our health.  We also know the harm from working long hours.  Stress can also be a healthy life style.. Weight lifting is stress because the body is regenerating.  Eating food that causes ill effect is stress because the body must digest what you feed it.  Breathing polluted air is stress to the body.. I think you get the idea?

Stress is also physical injury.  Stress is much more than we ever think about and technology causes stress to the body too.  (Microwaves are prevalent in our life style and are known to cause a plethora of disease.)  The "Negative Energy Remedy" for our "Energy Anatomy" is "SNERF"  and it maintains corrections provided with Life Force.  They must always be used, even when other formulae are applied because they will maintain correction.  Individual results will determine how long other formulae are necessary.

** used sublingually, topically and even through the eyes for results**              

911:  911 used topically in the beginning was the fastest experience for me.  2 sprays every 3-minutes, repeated 8 times for results.  Trauma is negative energy and used to reverse the energy anatomy responsible for trauma.  When dysfunctions are reversed the result is reversed. The dysfunction caused the problem and when its reversed the problem is gone. 

Cold And Flu:  Virus and Bacteria: I've used this formula and received many results of cold symptoms; blood viruses; infection from stitches; mosquito bites.  I've used it topically for infections, every 3 minutes for 15 minutes total.  The directions on the bottle for sublingual use, work well for most results.

Every disease and every illness has a unique frequency and there are as many formulae. Any questions about your personal use, just email me on the contact page. I will answer you within 48 hours.

Video to share my experience and knowledge of using Subtle Energy Formulae:






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