Is This a New Age Philosophy?
Not by Any Means. This equation is well established in scientific research. Many health professionals have discovered the healing power of prayer and use it as a healing tool. Whatever you can do that will help you tip the scale in your favor!

I Am A Christian. Does SEA Have Any Cult Aspects About Them?
There are many biblical references about the spiritual aspects of man. One of the most direct is "know ye not that the body is the temple of the LIVING SPIRIT". Each of us contaminates this living spirit by the inequities in our daily lives. These are created by our fears, anxieties, daily stress...We know for optimal mental and physical health, one should establish a harmony or rapport with the LIVING SPIRIT by daily prayer and/or meditation. We also recommend daily use of Subtle Energy Formulae

What Are Subtle Energy Formulae (SEF)?
SEF address the imbalance or distortions in our Subtle Energy Anatomy that inhibit the aforementioned harmony. "By addressing the imbalance of energies within the subtle energy anatomy, there exists an opportunity to correct the problem BEFORE it is physically manifested."

 Is This Homeopathy?
No. Homeopathy acts upon the immune system. Also, homeopathy uses micro-doses of natural substances to invoke a physical response. SEF ONLY ADDRESS THE DEFICIENCIES OR IMBALANCES WITHIN THE SUBTLE ENERGY ANATOMY.

What are SEF if they are not made from physical matter?
SEF are composed of specific vibrational energies and, in some cases, a number of frequencies. These are Subtle Energies, thus immeasurable yet quite effective for addressing the invisible subtle energy bodies.

Why Is our Subtle Energy Anatomy So Important?
Quantum physics, the branch of science which studies energetic characteristics of matter at the sub-atomic level, indicates that PHYSICAL MATTER IS THE RESULT OF A CASCADING EFFECT OF SUBTLE ENERGY THROUGH MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LEVELS. The subtle energy anatomy receives, assimilates, and transmits subtle energy. This subtle energy needs to freely circulate, yet obstruction exist that impede its flow. "The free flow of subtle energy within our subtle energy anatomy is critically important to our physical health".

Can The Formulae Cure Diseases?
NO. WE MAKE NO SUCH CLAIMS! By making any curative claims, the formulae would be classified by law, as drugs. SEF address the subtle energy imbalances within the subtle energy anatomy. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD CURATIVE CLAIMS BE MADE!! .

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